Worst Slasher Film of the ’80s

“Everyone has nightmares about the ugliest way to die!” In Don’t Go in the Woods . . . Alone! [1981], a deranged woodsman stalks a group of campers. The plot includes an obnoxious guy in a wheelchair being pushed down the side of a mountain. It’s the best scene in the movie. A “classic” cheapie horror flick that goes well with a 12-pack of beer. The production costs on this piece of crap, which was filmed in Utah, couldn’t have run over $1,000. Rent it at your own risk (if you can find the damn thing!).


One Response to “Worst Slasher Film of the ’80s”

  1. Is this the one that looks like it was pieced together from travelogue clips?
    I love some of these slasher films, but when they stank they they really stank.

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