Worst Talk Show

FOX mercifully pulled the plug on the ill-advised “Chevy Chase Show” after just five weeks in the fall of 1993. “God, he is so nervous, I feel sorry for him,” said Dennis Hopper after an appearance on the show. “He picks up a glass and he is shaking . . . He has to relax.” Chase soon returned to the silver screen to appear in such crap as Cops and Robbersons and Vegas Vacation.


2 Responses to “Worst Talk Show”

  1. Chevy Chase was the man back in the day, unfortunately the day was the 70’s. Real shame his show sucked, He is a funny guy and given time He could have been good, probably better than Leno, He just needed to lighten up or find the funny He lost before the 90s began.

  2. Easytohit Says:

    I think Magics show was worse. Seriously.

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